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» IBX, IBX Repair, IBX DUO Pack nail treatment system

The IBX Nail Treatment System
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IBX and IBX repair

This is a revolutionary new nail treatment product is designed by best in the Nail business, developed to Protect and Grow natural Nails. It provides a protective barrier under Gel Polish and Strengthens the Natural Nail.

IBX is a 2 part system that can be used separately or together to create an awesome New salon service never delivered like this before.

To deliver the full interpenetrating Polymer Network (IPN) you need to start the treatment with IBX repair A full coat of IBX Repair acts as the fusion layer to start the formulation of the IPN. IBX is then applied and cure under a LED Nail lamp to complete the IPN.

The 2 part process delivers both a protective surface for Natural nails and treatment for damaged split and delaminated nails.

The IBX system is like an insurance policy for your nail salon business. By delivering a healthier nail to your customers you protect your own business. When customers realize you care about the health of their nails they will spread the word to all their friends as well.

You can apply the IBX System after every Gel Polish removal for safer Gel Polish wear. Or to treat Natural Damaged nails.

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